Tomates et Aubergines- Azerbaijan - Grow Group

Type de serres Modèle 12.80 XR 300
Hauteur sous chéneau
Pays Azerbaijan
Cultures Tomato and Eggplants
Surface 8Ha + 5ha

Le projet :

Winter production for tomatoes and eggplants. Focused on high quality, 80% of our production is dedicated to the export market.

Challenge :

Our main challenge is to deal with semi arid continental climate with high temperature in summer and lack of light in the winter.

Solution :

Volume is a key factor to optimize climate control. We managed to reach 35kg/m² production from harvesting from November till June last season. Most of tomato producer in our region are still below 30kg. Of course in glass greenhouse we could get more light, but we gave priority to volume to reach smooth climate control. We are now building a new Richel 12.80 greenhouse is up to 9.80m at the ridge and covered with new 7layers long life anti drip film. We this greenhouse we think to get 40kg/m².

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