Jeunes plants de tomates et concombres - Russie - Ekogeos

plants Ekogeos
Type de serres Modèle 12.80 m XR 300
Hauteur sous chéneau
Pays Russie
Cultures Jeunes plants de tomates et concombres
Surface 2,7 Ha

Description du projet

Ekogeos is a greenhouse complex combining production of young plant on a area of 1ha and 1,7 ha of cucumber and tomato hydroponic production

Challenge :

The final result of our common work consist in the production of qualitative and healthy vegetables, with a maximum care of the environment. Our vision, is to produce locally fresh and healthy product to satisfy the final consumers


Double inflated film, CO2 recovery, system, hydroponic watering system with sterilization and recirculation of drain water are the newest technology which enable us to grow more using less.

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